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The Heroes photoshoot was taken in Sukita’s studio in Tokyo.

The Heroes photoshoot was taken in Sukita’s studio in Tokyo.

I know, right?

I know, right?

Gorgeous rendition of “Beauty and the Beast” from the Stage/Isolar II/Heroes Tour

For me, this is the Bowie version of “The Alabama Song.” In some ways, I see this as the counterpoint to “Beauty and the Beast”. Underneath the beautiful outside is the beast—this creature of intense, selfish desire. He lusts and covets and needs. He seems filled with self-loathing, but still can’t stop himself, still must have the next little girl, oh you know why. There is an almost accusatory edge to “Beauty and the Beast”: I’m trying to be good, but it’s so easy when no one says no. Why don’t you say no? Why don’t you stop me?

I have no idea what you are doing, but it is fuck-all sexy.

I have no idea what you are doing, but it is fuck-all sexy.

Hey ! Thanks for the Duke pic spamage ! Do you know if any other artists covered the song "Heroes" other than Nico, Oasis and The Wallflowers ?

LOL. Really? Really?

    •    Arcade Fire performed a version at a campaign rally for then Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama in Greensboro, North Carolina, on 1 May 2008
    •    Apocalyptica and Till Lindemann of Rammstein - German version of the song on Apocalyptica’s Worlds Collide (2007). This version is sometimes mistakenly attributed to Rammstein.
    •    Bon Jovi has made a cover with violin orchestra in Yokohama, Japan 2003
    •    Blondie - Recorded live (1980) with Robert Fripp recreating his distinctive guitar part; appeared on collection Blonde and Beyond (1993) and on single release; also featured on the album David Bowie Songbook (1997) and on Diamond Gods: Interpretations of Bowie (2001), as well as Starman: Rare and Exclusive Versions of 18 Classic David Bowie Songs, CD premium from the March 2003 issue of Uncut magazine
    •    Marc Bonilla’s cover appeared in the movie “The Replacements” in 2000.
    •    Celtic Frost - Vanity/Nemesis (1990)
    •    Meg Lee Chin - .2 Contamination: A Tribute to David Bowie (2006)
    •    Clan of Xymox - Heroes EP (2007)
    •    Enola Gay - Ashes to Ashes: A Tribute to David Bowie (1998)
    •    Argentinian band Fricción, composed by Gustavo Cerati and Richard Coleman made a Spanish version of the song in 1985.
    •    Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back covers album (2010)
    •    Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie - “Love Child” single B-side (1990)
    •    Grant Lee Buffalo - Live recording on Jubilee Tour
    •    Gregorian - Masters of Chant Chapter V (2006)
    •    David Guetta remixed the song in 2003 as “Just for One Day (Heroes)”
    •    iamamiwhoami - Live with Darin Zanyar at the Svenska Hjältar awards ceremony in Sweden (2010)
    •    Iva Davies & Icehouse - The Berlin Tapes (1995)
    •    Indochine - Live recording (1996)
    •    Kasabian - Used to introduce ITV’s FIFA World Cup coverage (2006)
    •    Kimon and the Prophets - Hero: The Main Man Records Tribute to David Bowie (2007)
    •    King Crimson - Live recording: Heavy ConstruKction (2000), also on Eyes Wide Open live DVD.
    •    Letzte Instanz released a German-language cover of the song on their album Das weisse Lied (2007)
    •    Love Like Blood
    •    The Magnetic Fields - Crash Course for the Ravers - A Tribute to the Songs of David Bowie (1996)
    •    Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps - 2000 repertoire
    •    Kevin Max - Live recording from Flevo Festival in 2002.
    •    MIA. recorded a German-language cover of the song on their 2002 album Hieb und Stichfest
    •    Nena covered “Helden” on her 2007 album Cover Me
    •    Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor - Part of “Elephant Love Medley” in the film Moulin Rouge! (2001)
    •    Nico - Drama of Exile (1983); this version was also released as a single, and included on the album Diamond Gods: Interpretations of Bowie (2001)
    •    Oasis - B-side of the CD-single “D’You Know What I Mean?” (1997)
    •    Philip Glass based the first movement of his 1997 “Heroes” Symphony on the song; later that year, Aphex Twin mixed this with Bowie’s vocal over Glass’ interpretation, releasing the result on a bonus CD with the Japanese release of the Glass album
    •    Pink Lincolns - My So-Called Punk Rock Life (various artists)
    •    Billy Preston - Single (1991)
    •    P.J. Proby - The Savoy Sessions (1993)
    •    Quintorigo - Rospo (1999)
    •    Irish band The Script performed the song at Comic Relief 2009.
    •    Seam - B-side of “Sukiyaki” single (1999)
    •    Six by Seven - “Helden”: B-side of “10 Places to Die” single
    •    The Smashing Pumpkins - once, at Dennis Rodman’s 36th birthday party in Chicago
    •    Stahlhammer - “Heroes/Helden” final track from their most recent release, Opera Noir
    •    Strange Boutique - Single (1992)
    •    Tangerine Dream, in their 2010 album Under Cover - Chapter One
    •    The Tea Party - Live recording
    •    Thunderpuss 2000 - “Heroes” - The Dance Mixes (1998)
    •    TV On The Radio - War Child Heroes (2009)
    •    The Wallflowers - Godzilla soundtrack (1998); this version was also released as a single, reaching #24 in the U.S. charts, and earned a Grammy nomination for best rock performance by a duo or group
    •    Mike Williamson - Australian TV Special Best of The Mike Walsh Show, 9 Network Australia (1998)
    •    Wreckage - Goth Oddity - A Tribute to David Bowie
    •    A sound-alike cover was featured on the 1977 album Top of the Pops, Volume 62
    •    In 2009 Jürgen Mühling, Sascha Lobo and YouTube icone Bill McSven, covered the song for an German promotion trailer for Vodafone
    •    Adrian Belew and Martha Wainwright performed a duet during their appearance on RockWiz in Australia.

Like Station To Station and Low, “Heroes” is a cryptic product of a high order of intelligence.
Patti Smith (1978)
Which berlin peroid album is your favourite
i like Low but i do prefer the first half the second is a bit to depressing and Brain Eno for my liking

It is very hard for me to say. Low and "Heroes" are both masterpieces. I love all but one of the songs on each and am merely ambiguous on the odd ones out. Low is a very personal album, perhaps Bowie’s most personal, and I react to it on a very personal level. "Heroes" is … an album of becoming. The title song is not personal; it is universal. It is me and you and we and they and us and them. It is life. It is humanity.

Bowie is interviewed by the director of Cracked Actor. He speaks of many interesting and important things … and about about the pig!